Universal Civile Service

The cooperative is open to host students participating in the National Civil Service

The National Civil Service is a year dedicated to personal growth and education, initially born as an alternative to obligatory military service, it is an exclusively voluntary activity.

While the military service defends the homeland by protecting the State’s territory and borders, the civil service safeguards both the shared common values that form the base to our democratic order and the constitutional principles of social solidarity.

The voluntary Civil Service offers an educational opportunity to experience more active citizenship, it provides valuable help to the community by helping the weaker groups in our society and contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of the Country.
By choosing to participate in this twelve-month experience, one has the opportunity to expand their wealth of knowledge, which might be useful in their future career.


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You can find project summaries at the following links:
Daff: Da ferite a feritoie
StarBAS: Star bene a scuola

Who can participate?

To qualify for the civil service one must observe these requirements:

  • Being older than 18 and younger than 29;
  • Being a European Union citizen or being a non-Europen Union citizen regularly staying in Italy;
  • Not being convicted, even if the conviction is not final, with a sentence of more than a year due to an intentional offence, or with a sentence of less than a year due to offences against the persons or due to use, carry, transportation, illicit import or export of weapons or explosive materials, or rather due to crimes related to the affiliation or aiding and abetting subversive, terrorist, or organised crime groups.

One does not qualify for the civil service if:

  • They have already participated in the civil service once, carried out in Italy or abroad;
  • They currently already have any type of paid employment relationships with the hosting institution, or they have had it the previous year for more than three months.

GMO (Giovani minori opportunità)

  • Youth with Minor Opportunities (places reserved for young people with economic difficulties: volunteers belonging to families with ISEE less than 10,000 euros per year)
  • The certification or self-certification made pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000 must be valid at the time of submission of the application for selection.


It is possible to submit only one application for a single project of Civil Service to be chosen among the projects included in the announcement under penalty of exclusion from participation in all projects

How to apply

the application must be submitted exclusively through the on Line platform, through the website https://domandaonline.serviziocivile.it

The experiences of who carried out civil service here with us

Beatrice NCS (National Civil Service) 2019

I recommend this experience to everyone since this has been an enriching year in many ways. I “dived in” an environment which was still unfamiliar to me, I learnt to know my personal limits and my strengths, get involved, and sharpen my social skills. 

This experience gives you the opportunity to develop both a psychological and social maturity, learning teamwork, and even feeling needed.

I’m very happy about this experience and of the relationships that I formed with the educators and the people of the cooperative, which I hope will last for a long time.

Melania NCS 2017

I chose to carry out my civil service year at the Cooperative Kirikù because, being an educator myself, I wanted to experience working for a community of minors. I took part in the activities organised for them, such as trips and simple daily routines.

I started this experience with the idea of helping this community, and in the end, I think the teenagers that I gave help to gave me something, too: a year of overwhelming emotions and relationships that last to this day, a year that changed me and made me more sensitive to the world. 

I recommend this to anybody who is searching for an enriching experience.

Giulia NSC 2017

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a sincere compliment, or the smallest act of care, which all have the potential to turn a life around.” Leo Buscaglia

The civil service year has personally been a “leap of faith”, right after having graduated from university, still uncertain about the future, I’ve decided to undertake this experience without knowing well where it might have taken me.

During this year I met a reality which had previously been unknown to me, working and taking part in everyday activities in a community has given me the chance to know myself better.

During this experience, I was able to break down the barrier between the teenagers and me that made me feel unfit and self-conscious and present myself as a person to be trusted.

After the year of civil service I kept on working on various projects inside of the community and now I am an educator here.

I recommend this experience because it has the power to make you grow up, feel strong emotions, make you discover sides of yourself that you’ve always underestimated, it will completely change you, making you a better person.