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Animation and territorial education

Animation and territorial education

We build projects of active prevention engaging preteens, teens, young adults, adults, and their local community.

We accompany young people in their paths of growth, change, and experimentation, which characterises the transition from teenage to adulthood.

We employ areas of the community to promote both safety and inclusivity, empowering relationships among teenagers, institutions, and the local community, to develop the potential of each individual, promote wellbeing and social change.

The operators become crucial figures for the territory and the social network, promoting a broader connection among every local resource.


Projects for the youth

These paths promote active participation in community live and valorisation of young people, as well as a more positive use of their free time.

Gathering places

There will be dedicated spaces and moments in which groups of teens and pre-teens will be able to deepen social relations.

Educational paths regarding themes specific of teenage

We offer active educational paths dedicated to groups or classes of students regarding themes specific to this phase of growth.

Summer centres

This service is carried out by trained and qualified personnel with whom children and preteens will spend their summertimes They will form new relationships, play games and sports, have new experiences and chances of personal growth.

Street education and entertainment

The educational street interventions realise paths and activities aimed at youth wellness all the while working on a network with protagonists of the territory. These projects can offer alternative ways to end problems often associated with the age group ranging from 14 to 20 years of age.

“Social Day” and paths to a more active citizenship

These educational paths help develop active citizenship among the younger generations and encourage them to volunteer, all the while getting the entirety of the community involved in taking care of common spaces (companies, private organisations, institutions, school).

Activity centre (0-3 years old)

Children aged 0-3 will play and meet with parents and grandparents.
Games and activities for children will be organised, while parents will have the possibility to join educational training courses focusing on baby care.