The project at a glance

The Sports 4 all project is an 18-month project financed through EU funds from the Erasmus+ Sport line, where Kirikù Cooperative is the leader. The primary objective of the project is to develop, together with the other European partners, an educational methodology and a tool aimed at facilitating the inclusion of children in educational poverty in sports settings.

The partnership

Sports 4 all is composed of five European partners:

  • Cooperativa Kirikù – Cooperative dealing with protection of minors and youth policies – (Italy)
  • InnvoVED – NGO dealing with innovative vocational education and training – (Greece)
  • Mar Violeta – Association that aims to help people at risk of social exclusion to have access opportunities in society. – (Spain)
  • TPV Volleyball Novo Mesto – Volleyball sports club – (Slovenia)
  • ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy, aims to promote democratic participation and activate local actors – (France)

Project duration:

Sports 4 all has a duration of 18 months and will end in November 2023

Project actions

Phase 1: Context analysis
This phase involves the analysis of the local context through a discussion with schools and sports associations to detect the critical issues they face in dealing with disadvantaged children and to check possible methodologies they have already put in place. This analysis will be carried out through a questionnaire.

Phase 2: Method Development
It is planned to develop an initial hypothesis of methodology that will be presented to the sports associations that intend to collaborate in the project.

Phase 3: Experimentation and refinement of the method
Last phase of the project involving experimentation of the method, where associations will be asked to provide comments and feedback on what has been developed with a view to refining it and developing a final version.

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