Self-sufficiency project: “Vadoaviveredasolo” (I’m going to live on my own)

For whom? New adults on a path to autonomy or removed from their family of origin
Why? To give young people back the freedom to plan and decide their own lives.
Where? In various houses or flats made available to these young adults in the province of Treviso. The project is currently active in two houses in Montebelluna.
How? 3 types of paths regarding 3 different areas:

Work placement

Write a CV, go to a job interview, get in touch with companies, train and study to enter the employment world. Being financially independent is fundamental to grow up.

With € 35.00 you make it so that one of these young adults can drive to work with practical driving lessons.

Educational support

You need an adult who stands by you when dealing with sensitive personal issues and who also supports you in everyday decisions. This way young people can become more aware of what they can do.

With € 100,00 you help a young person not to be alone by placing an educator by their side.

Housing support

Coming out of a guardianship arrangement is often not ideal to return to the family of origin.
Sharing a flat for a defined period of time is necessary to prepare oneself for independent living.

With € 200.00 you allow a young person to live in a quiet and safe house through a subsidised rent.

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