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Care and safeguard

Care and safeguard of children and families

We safeguard the right of children to grow inside their own family of origin: we build educational paths able to promote the wellbeing of children, restore positive relationships in their family and living environment.

We build personalised paths, able to adjust according to needs, timing, and characteristics of the path of the child and their family.

We welcome families and children and we listen to their stories, we accompany them in their path to recognise their skills and talents.

We safeguard the resources of the household: accompanying the members of the family is an integral part of every single safeguard project and it’s aimed at activating the peculiar characteristics of each member, fostering their autonomy.


Diurnal educative community “Girorà”

This is a diurnal place of welcome that develops personalised educational paths to support children and teenagers that are living through difficult times, and backing families in their caring role and family management.

Territorial and domestic educational support

We offer daily educational support for children and teenagers in their community, in synergy with territorial services.

Networks of families in solidarity

These are networks of mutual help among families with social difficulties and families that are well-integrated in the local community, in synergy with Public Services for the temporary support of children and families (in agreement with ULSS N.8, through the Consortium Intesa CCA)

Parenting support courses

We offer specific educational courses and consultations targeted at families regarding their role in the raising and education of their children in the various phases of development.

Job placements

We embrace experimental job placement paths for teenagers of age, young adults, and adults in difficult situations and social trouble.