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School project

School project

We believe in the importance of the school environment as a place in which children learn to form new relationships with other students, and we are also certain that teachers as educators are crucial in the growth of children and teenagers.

The heart of our educational method is the relationship between student, family of origin, and territory, and it operates focusing on the needs of children, teenagers, and the families in which the educator and the psychologist work as a:
Bridge: connecting teachers to families and the social services that accompany them;
Active supporter: supporting parents as they communicate with teachers.


Afternoon Educational Activity

“Afternoon Educational Activity”, a moment dedicated to didactic and relational support for children, they can work on developing expressive competences in a small group.

Study support

Study support for middle school students with professional educators. The project works on both the family and group, on motivation and self-efficacy, it will take place twice a week.

Promoting wellness in the classroom

Deepening of in-depth social and emotional expression competencies through workshops for children accompanied by both a psychologist and an educator

Integrated time

Service in which children will be supervised in the absence of school full-time