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Street education and entertainment

Street-level education is a service aimed at preventing youth problems with an eye towards the development of the collective.

The service includes the realisation of educational activities, organised by qualified personnel, through the development of positive relationships with the demographic targeted, usually teens aged 14 – 20.

Street education is aimed at creating paths and activities that promote youth wellbeing as an antidote to disadvantage which is often associated with this age group, while working in a network with players of the territory who are engaged in activities, and more generally promoting the empowerment of the local community.

Street-level support work begins with listening and trying to come in touch with the teenager in their social fabric, in places of aggregation and entertainment, putting their potential to good use and employing teenagers as a key player of the intervention.


  • Promoting the resources and competences of individuals and groups, creating opportunities and paths that put in the spotlight the “healthy and lively” parts of the world of youths;
  • Being the primary prevention force of maladjustment and deviant behaviour, and containing disadvantage;
  • Being the secondary prevention force intended to prevent deviant behaviour and prevent processes of social exclusion in individuals at risk.