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Integrated time

In this service children who do not attend an eventual school full-time will be supervised, hence helping families who are unable to stay at home from work during the afternoon hours. Students will have the chance to do their homework and socialise with their peers.


  • Accompany children as they study and assist them with their homework;
  • Help them develop manual skills and facilitate personal expression.


Students, in groups of 10-12, will be supported by an educator as they do their homework and develop study autonomy and creativity through some manual laboratories.
This activity takes place inside the school building, in spaces dedicated to study, manual workshops, and games.
There will be both an initial meeting and an assessment meeting between the coordinator and the teachers of the children who will join this activity.


The activity will take place after school hours from 01:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m. once a week.
Children will eat their packed lunch and will then play together. At 02:00 p.m. they will do their homework, and in the end, participate in workshops.
This project is a paid service available only on request, the child can be signed up for a four-month period or for the whole year.