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Gathering places

An aggregative centre is an environment dedicated to teens and pre-teens aged 11-14 where they can meet, improve skills and gain knowledge. All this is possible by interacting with others through educational, cultural, and recreational activities. Teenagers have the chance to meet, interact with each other, exchange both experiences and passions, all while forming new friendships. Aggregative Centres are run by educators who stand by teenagers as they learn how to express their feelings and wishes and live in a group environment where they develop more autonomy and life skills.

Aggregative Centres are free of charge invironments, allowing everyone to access it.


  • Improve relational skills among peers: social participation, including others and being included in a group;
  • Foster meaningful relationships between teenagers and adults of reference (educators, teachers, parents, …);
  • Increasing self-esteem;
  • Supporting the development of individual autonomy both inside and outside the school environment and favour the teenager in experimenting with their own potential and creating a sense of responsibility so that they will be able to use these personal resources further in life;
  • Encourage leadership: voluntary commitment, both social and cultural awareness, active citizenship, and critical thinking;
  • Favour socialization and awareness through speech and experience.

Modes of operation

The organisational structure changes depending on the territory, but the modes of operation remain the same:

  • It takes place once or twice a week in the afternoon;
  • It is possible to join only through an application form (this in any location);
  • Packed lunch will be necessary (only in Valdobbiadene);
  • There will be a moment dedicated to studying and carrying out homework in a study hall (in Valdobbiadene, Vidor, Volpago, and Trevignano);
  • There will be a space dedicated to recreational, educational, and cultural activities such as trips, playing time, time to relax, …