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We strongly believe in the power of teamwork, in the sharing of goals and common resources, in human relationships, and in the possibility of promoting change.

We collaborate with administrators, social workers, volunteers, public services, and companies that accept the challenge to build different projects depending on the territory, the needs, and the characteristics of the family and area.

In particular, we promote projects in a network with different realities:

Progetto Zattera Blu Cooperativa Social Onlus (‘Zattera Blu’ Social Cooperative Onlus Project)

This project gathers many local cooperatives among which kirikù itself, Adelante, Samarcanda, and Radicà, to promote a community spirit able to create unity and give greater strength to the common action aimed at social wellbeing.

Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità di Accoglienza – CNCA (Italian Coordination of Care Communities)

This is a local cooperatives promotion association organised in 17 regional federations to which approximately 250 organizations participate, they operate in the sectors of community homes, of social disadvantage and marginalisation, to promote the rights of the citizen and social wellbeing.

Consorzio Provinciale Intesa – CCA Società Cooperativa Sociale Consortile (‘Intesa’ Provincial Consortium – CCA Social Consortium Cooperative Society)

Assembled by 44 cooperatives present on all of the provincial territories, it works actively to continuously improve the community effort through the promotion of services, education, and consultations.


A national autonomous organization of representation, assistance, safeguard, and inspection of the cooperative movement.
It works in partnership with the participant cooperatives and with other both private and public members of the territorial network for the design and the implementation of projects, through calls for bids and local initiatives, to help the local competitive development of the territory which can also be environmentally friendly, help develop the local economy, and social welfare.

“Social Day” Coordination

Coordination of about 20 associations, cooperatives, and institutions that promote more engaged citizenship and foster volunteering especially among the younger generations.

A Welfare for minors

A network of institutions and associations that aggregates representative coordination of hundreds of Venetian realities involved in voluntary organizations and in the both professional and school environment that operates daily with children and teenagers. The goal is to help promote a city that meets the need of children.


Metàlogos is a company which focuses on research, consultation, and education. Born in 2000 its area of interest was supporting social cooperatives and during the years it also collaborated with the local manufacturing businesses. All this was made possible thanks to a perspective of fusion and mutual influence between two worlds profoundly different not only on the matters of products and services but also on organisational and gestational methodologies.

Una casa per l’uomo (A home for men)

The process of immigration in Italy and in our territory that started in the late 80s has created new conditions of poverty and social tensions which are hard to face, testing our feeling of solidarity among men.
Solidarity is exactly what inspired the founders of the cooperative “Una casa per l’uomo” to start working on the area and that to this day keep on guiding their strategic decisions.