Summer centre

The Summer Centre, active during summer, is a service for families with kindergarten children (aged 0-3), elementary school children (aged 6-10), and middle school children (aged 11-14).
The Summer Centre is an opportunity for children and teenagers to hang out with their peers in a contest designed and structured as an environment which is positive, serene, and fun, thanks to activities, games, and workshops through which they can better express their manual skills and creativity.
Here in the Kirikù Summer Centres, we believe the collaboration between adults and territorial organisations as fundamental to foster a sense of community and belonging.
The staff at the summer centre is made up of the coordinator (a Kirikù educator), animators (young adults selected and hired for this role), and help-animators (volunteers).
The proposed activities are based on a theme that changes each year.


  • Offering a service to the community, providing support to the families in their role of educators of their children in a time of the year in which other educational bodies such as schools and sports centres are closed;
  • Welcoming children and teenagers with care and competence and offering them a comfortable and serene environment;
  • Offering children and teenagers psychophysical wellbeing through the promotion of positive lifestyles and the development of autonomy and learning capabilities through the active participation of the teenager/child;
  • Organising activities and experiences that foster self-discovery and discovery of others and of what’s around them;
  • Allowing children and teenagers to suspend the chaotic routine of the school year and enjoy “slower” and relaxing moments;
  • Developing and promoting a bond with the territory.

Modes of operation
A seconda dei bisogni delle famiglie della struttura concordata con il Comune, il centro estivo varia a seconda del

According to the specific needs of the families and to the agreements arranged with the municipality, the summer centre varies according to the territory.
Summer Centres are usually organised this way:

  • Monday to Friday in the morning;
  • Duration of a minimum of 4 weeks;
  • Lunchtime (packed lunch or canteen), doing homework (at most in the morning), trips in the town (ex. walks, bike trips, …) and out of town (ex to the pool).