Mission and values


Our reality was born as a social enterprise oriented at building social wellness and providing educational services aimed at answering the needs of the territory in which it operates.

We pursue the general interests of the community and we promote the fundamental rights of the citizen, paying special attention to the needs of families and minors.

We work in a network with other local organizations to valorize the abilities and the talents of the individuals, institutions, and the collectivity. We believe in relationships as a source of change and social wellbeing.


The central role of the person

We consider the person to be at the centre of our each and every intervention, we recognize their unique characteristics, we respect their personal dignity and safeguard it as right-possessing individuals.

Promoting the community

We promote the construction of meaningful connections with every single element of the territory.

The network

“Never alone!” Every project is thought up in a subsidiary optic, with special care directed to collaboration and co-responsibility with families, institutions, third sector, and other involved realities.

Professionals in educating

We promote both professional and personal growth of the educators through a well-defined system of shared theories and praxis, training paths, and internal oversight; our choices and our actions are oriented to trustworthiness and passion.


We promote clear and honest communication between members and partners.

Economic sustainability

Our services and our projects are thought up and realised in a perspective of efficacy and efficiency so to achieve specialized and well-defined objectives through the use of both public and private resources, as well as the personal investment of our members.