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Educational workshop experiences

For children and elementary and middle school students

Today’s society is complex and its social values are constantly called into question. In these complex circumstances school is required to be flexible and to swiftly answer parents’ questions and doubts, to face society’s constant changes, and to provide students with the most useful tools to face new social challenges.
These projects offered by Kirikù offer an effective educational approach which, through prevention, operates for the wellbeing of children and students.

The workshops that we make available are not “final packages”. These themes, in fact, can be explored through different activities according to various needs of each class, the age of children and students. Every educational path is “personalised” and teachers have a fundamental role in pinpointing needs and characteristics of the class. This is why, before each path, we get informed on said characteristics allowing the educators to better calibrate specific activities and work on the efficacy of workshops.

Lastly it’s also important to adjust the contents according to the educational paths already undergone by the class (in particular projects focusing on emotions, empathy, and listening).

The general goals of the educational workshops that we offer are:
Support children and students on their growth journey as they build their identity;
Promote the construction of relationships among children and students and their inclusion in the class context;
Foster the development of critical thinking in everyone;
“Learning by doing” starting from everyone’s personal living experiences;
Encourage learning through alternative methods (to which each teacher’s methods are added) to help bring out the many “intelligences” of the child and the student.

Path’s assessment
At the end of each workshop we will spare some time to assess the path taken by the children and students in class.

The majority of our paths are made up of 3 weekly meetings, lasting 1½ – 2 hours each. In some schools, according to the educational theme, we’ve experimented with a format lasting a whole morning (it’s also interesting to pair it with trips and walks). To be more effective, the cooperative offers to schedule workshops in the morning during school hours.

Travelling through emotions
The 5 basic emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust).
For elementary school

A journey through emotions
The 5 basic emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust).
For secondary school.

Digital Education.
Primary and secondary school.

The dragon of integration
Interculture, prejudice and inclusion.
For elementary school.

Me in my class
Class dynamics, self-esteem, interaction skills.
For primary and secondary school.

Affective education
Affective education, the body, emotions, feelings. Primary and secondary school.

Orientation to happiness
Education to vocational orientation. Secondary school.

Environmental civic education
Education towards environmental sustainability. Primary and secondary school.

Bullying and cyberbullying
Education to the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying.
Primary and secondary school.

Young people protagonists of the territory
Sensitization to youth participation, volunteering and active citizenship

Creative workshops
Experiment with creativity and different expressive techniques

Modules on child rights
(2 meetings of 2 hours)
(Declaration of the Rights of the Child and Adolescent)

For informations please contact:

Tonin Giacomo 
Work phone +39 333/9272101.