We strongly believe that collaboration between profit and non-profit brings enormous benefits to the territory and the people who live there.

Collaborating with Kirikù for your corporate social responsibility allows you to:

  • have a real social impact on the territory;
  • increase your company’s performance and return on the “S” of ESG indicators;
  • strengthen the values ​​and identity of the company;
  • give a positive image and reputation of your company both externally with customers and suppliers and internally with employees and collaborators;
  • give visibility to your brand on our online channels (e.g.: newsletter, social media, website) and off-line (e.g.: projects, events, training);
  • obtain tax benefits.

We offer you some collaboration possibilities, but we are open to other proposals:

  • donate your goods or services;
  • finance one of our projects with a donation;
  • provide availability to host a young person during an internship aimed at job placement;
  • give availability to a young person to carry out the volunteering experience within the Social Day initiative;
  • promote the destination of the 5×1000 in Kirikù both within the company and in your network of customers and suppliers;
  • organize a fundraising or awareness-raising event/initiative.

Find out who has already decided to support children, teenagers and families: click here.

To obtain further information contact Alberto: 3276303681 or